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Picture of Checkme™ Lite ECG-Monitor/Recorder
Viatom Technology

Checkme™ Lite ECG-Monitor/Recorder

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-fre...
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec NIBP Extension Tube

Extension Tube for blood pressure monitor / patient monitor Modell ABPM-50 or Modell-PM 50
about 2-3 weeks
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Geigerzähler GMC-500 plus
GQ Electronics LLC

Geigercounter GQ GMC-500 plus

The Geiger counter GMC-500Plus is the top model of the American manufacturer GQ Electronics.ein. The Geiger counter has 2 counting tubes (Geiger tubes) for t...
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Viatom Technology

Kids O2™ - Ring Oxygen Monitor

Kids O2™ - O2 oxygen monitor for children - continuous monitoring of children's blood oxygen levels with audible alarm in app and device via Bluetooth.
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Viatom Wellue Baby O2 S2
Viatom Technology

BabyO2™ S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor

Continuously monitor your baby's SpO2 & Pulse Rate to check for breath - Audio alerts from the base station or cell phone will be triggered by low oxygen lev...
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Breathalyzer AlcoConnect CA8060

The breathalyzer from ADCS/Cosmos developed according to the European standard EN15964 / long-term stable electrochemical sensor with extensive equipment (op...
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Further option: Mouthpieces
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Checkme Armfit - Blutdruckmessgerät
Viatom Technology

Viatom Armfit - Blood pressure monitor wit App

Reliable & portable smart blood pressure monitor with smartphone app function for upper arm - built-in rechargeable battery - works with iOS and Android - FD...
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Picture of REDGUARD RG-1300 CO2-Monitor

REDGUARD RG-1300 CO2-Monitor

The CO2 monitor with color display and alarm signal reliably shows the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air. With German CO2 sensor ( HEIMANN YDJ...
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec SP80B Spirometer with PC-Software

Contec Sp80B Medical Patient Spirometer | for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitoring of asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc.
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Viatom Technology

Baby O2 S1™ - Baby Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen monitor for children from 0-3 years of age. The material is a soft fabric that reduces friction with the skin and enhances comfort.
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Viatom Technology

Pulsebit EX™ ECG-Monitor/Recorder

user-friendly mobile 1-channel ECG recorder+ recording length of 30s/60s/5min high quality built-in electrodes which allow wireless measurement +external ele...
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Viatom O2-Ring mit App
Viatom Technology

Wellue O2 Ring™ - Ring Oxygen Monitor

Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor - Medical-grade Ring vibrates immediately and silently (no acoustic alarm), when low Oxygen levels or abnormal Heart Rate dete...
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Picture of Braun Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 6 -IRT6515

Braun Ear Thermometer ThermoScan 6 -IRT6515

Infrared ear thermometer for the whole family. With its patented, preheated measuring tip and ExacTemp technology, the IRT6515 sets new standards in accuracy
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec CMS50F - SpO2 pulse oximeter with recording

Practical long-term pulse oximeter (original Contec device with Bluetooth) and SpO2 sleep monitor, continuous monitoring and recording of blood oxygen satura...
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Further option: Version
CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec SP70B Spirometer

Affordable entry-level model | handheld spirometer with display | for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitoring of asthma, COPD, cystic f...
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Mouthpieces for Contec Spirometer

Reusable mouthpieces for CONTEC Digital Spirometer models SP10, SP10B, SP10W, SP10BT, SP70B und SP80B- 10 pieces package
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Envitec AlcoQuant 6020 plus SPECIAL

Complete system with reference breathalyser (police model) Envitec AlcoQuant 6020 plus incl. mobile printer / Meets requirements according to EU standard EN...
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec upper arm cuff CM 1203

Blood pressure upper arm cuff size: M (adult) for Contec ABMP50 and many other blood pressure monitors
Immediately available!
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Geigercounter RADEX RD1706

The RD1706 dual-sensor Radiation Detector is a handy and very fast device for measuring gamma, beta and X-rays. In addition, it offers the search for the rad...
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radon detector Airthings Wave Plus

Innovative, stationary detector for measuring radon, CO2, temperature and humidity values, TVOC, air pressure | Color display of radon values ​​in green, yel...
2-5 business days
269,00 € *
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Picture of radon detector Airthings Wave

radon detector Airthings Wave

innovative, stationary detector for measuring radon gas ​​| color display of radon values ​​in green, yellow or red or via user-friendly app for iOS / Android
Immediately available!
205,00 € * UVP: 219,00 € *

Geigercounter Quarta-Rad RADEX RD1503+

The RD1503 + is an updated and improved version of the Geiger counter Radex RD1503. The device now offers more measurement functions and improved software
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Further option: Color
CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec BC401 Urine Analyzer

Urine analyzer for performing urine tests / enables the automated evaluation of individual urine test strips.
Immediately available!
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MIR Smart One® Peak Flow Meter

Innovative handheld spirometer with Bluetooth for your smartphone | electronic peak flow meter for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitor...
Immediately available!
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Picture of TENS back pain belt

TENS back pain belt

Back pain belt for TENS + EMS devices for targeted and simple pain treatment or muscle building in the abdominal area without external help and without adhes...
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