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Picture of Breathalyzer AlcoConnect CA8000

Breathalyzer AlcoConnect CA8000

The inexpensive alcohol tester in a small format -hand-held alcohol tester with Fuell-Cell sensor for the use of disposable mouthpieces
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Geigerzähler GMC-500 plus
GQ Electronics LLC

Geigercounter GQ GMC-500 plus

The Geiger counter GMC-500Plus is the top model of the American manufacturer GQ Electronics.ein. The Geiger counter has 2 counting tubes (Geiger tubes) for t...
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Viatom O2-Ring mit App
Viatom Technology

Wellue O2 Ring™ - Ring Oxygen Monitor

Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor - Medical-grade Ring vibrates immediately and silently (no acoustic alarm), when low Oxygen levels or abnormal Heart Rate dete...
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Checkme O2 mit App
Viatom Technology

Checkme™ O2 - wrist pulse oximeter

Innovative long-term pulse oximeter and SpO2 sleep monitor for continuous monitoring of blood-oxygen saturation via Bluetooth with Vibration. Ideal for the t...
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159,00 € * Niedrigster: 189,00 € *
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