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REDGUARD RG-1300 CO2-Monitor

The CO2 monitor with color display and alarm signal reliably shows the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air. With German CO2 sensor ( HEIMANN YDJ...
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GQ Electronics LLC

Geigercounter GQ GMC-500 plus

The Geiger counter GMC-500Plus is the top model of the American manufacturer GQ Electronics.ein. The Geiger counter has 2 counting tubes (Geiger tubes) for t...
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec CMS50F - SpO2 pulse oximeter with recording

Practical long-term pulse oximeter (original Contec device with Bluetooth) and SpO2 sleep monitor, continuous monitoring and recording of blood oxygen satura...
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Smart Respiratory Products Ltd.

SmartAsthma® Smart Peak Flow Meter with Bluetooth

Innovative low-cost handheld peak flow meter with Bluetooth for your smartphone/tablet | electronic peak flow meter for monitoring the health status of the l...
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Cederroth First Aid Station

complete first aid station for various injuries, incl. plaster dispenser
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Viatom Technology

Baby O2 S1™ - Baby Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen monitor for children from 0-3 years of age. The material is a soft fabric that reduces friction with the skin and enhances comfort.
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Viatom Technology

Checkme™ O2 - wrist pulse oximeter

Innovative long-term pulse oximeter and SpO2 sleep monitor + pedometer for continuous monitoring of blood-oxygen saturation via Bluetooth with Vibration. Ide...
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Viatom Technology

Wellue O2 Ring™ - Ring Oxygen Monitor

Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor - Medical-grade Ring vibrates immediately and silently (no acoustic alarm), when low Oxygen levels or abnormal Heart Rate dete...
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Viatom Technology

Kids O2™ - Ring Oxygen Monitor

Kids O2™ - O2 oxygen monitor for children - continuous monitoring of children's blood oxygen levels with audible alarm in app and device via Bluetooth.
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Dräger Alcotest 7000 - News

Dräger Alcotest® 7000

The Dräger Alcotest® 7000 sets new standards among alcohol pre-testing devices. Its advantages are the extended temperature and measuring range, low maintenance and various networking options. In addition, the breathalyser can perform both mouthpiece and funnel tests. Reliable alcohol tests have never been so fast, efficient and simple.

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