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TENS = Transcutaneous Electric Nervous Stimulation as well as EMS = Electric Muscle Stimulation are used for muscle stimulation, pain therapy and massage

The electrical impulses of an EMS / TENS stimulus device help you to stimulate or relax your muscles. The electrodes can be applied anywhere on the body, so it is very easy to precisely handle the muscle group you want to respond to.

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Picture of TENS back pain belt

TENS back pain belt

Back pain belt for TENS + EMS devices for targeted and simple pain treatment or muscle building in the abdominal area without external help and without adhes...
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Picture of prorelax 85835 Tens/Ems SuperDuo Plus

prorelax 85835 Tens/Ems SuperDuo Plus

Elektrostimulationsgerät mit besonders umfangreichem Zubehörset - TENS/EMS-Kombigerät gegen Schmerzen und Verspannungen der Muskulatur
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99,00 € * Regulär: 139,00 € *

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