breathalyzer for businesses

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Breathalyser models for commercial use.

Product recommendation for businesses and clubs, restaurants, charities (Social and ancillary services), transport and bus companies, addiction clinics, hospitals, industrial and commercial shoots. Breathalyzer / Alcohol Test Devices with a measuring accuracy of approximately 5 - 10% (! With a corresponding application and a semi-annual calibration), as well as 15 minutes of waiting time since the last alcoholic drink!


Breathalyzer AlcoConnect CA8060

The breathalyzer from ADCS/Cosmos developed according to the European standard EN15964 / long-term stable electrochemical sensor with extensive equipment (op...
about 5 - 6 working days
299,00 € *
Further option: Mouthpieces

Envitec AlcoQuant 6020 plus SPECIAL

Complete system with reference breathalyser (police model) Envitec AlcoQuant 6020 plus incl. mobile printer / Meets requirements according to EU standard EN...
about 5 - 6 working days
1.099,00 € *

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