Spirometer / Peak Flow Meter

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Spirometry is a commonly used medical examination to diagnose or monitor lung diseases such as bronchial asthma or COPD. Spirometer, Peak-Flow-Meter or COPD-Screener, we offer you the suitable lung function measuring device for every need.

CONTEC Medical Systems

Mouthpieces for Contec Spirometer

Reusable mouthpieces for CONTEC Digital Spirometer models SP10, SP10B, SP10W, SP10BT, SP70B und SP80B- 10 pieces package
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29,90 € incl tax

MIR Smart One® Peak Flow Meter

Innovative handheld spirometer with Bluetooth for your smartphone | electronic peak flow meter for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitor...
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129,00 € incl tax
CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec SP70B Spirometer

Affordable entry-level model | handheld spirometer with display | for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitoring of asthma, COPD, cystic f...
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169,00 € incl tax
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CONTEC Medical Systems

Contec SP10W Spirometer with Display

Contec SP10W SPIROMETER is a hand-held equipment for checking lung conditions, adopts the infrared mode for measuring relative items, it is applicable for ho...
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% 199,00 € incl tax 229,00 € incl tax

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