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Geigercounter GQ GMC-320plus V4

The GMC-320 Plus is a convenient digital geiger counter with history function (memory) and classic geiger counter sound
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139,00 € incl tax
- 9 %

radon detector Airthings Wave

innovative, stationary detector for measuring radon gas ​​| color display of radon values ​​in green, yellow or red or via user-friendly app for iOS / Android
Immediately available!
% 199,00 € incl tax 219,00 € incl tax
- 16 %

Geigercounter RADEX RD1503+

The RD1503 + is an updated and improved version of the Geiger counter Radex RD1503. The device now offers more measurement functions and improved software
Immediately available!
% 233,00 € incl tax 279,00 € incl tax

radon detector Airthings Wave Plus

Innovative, stationary detector for measuring radon, CO2, temperature and humidity values, TVOC, air pressure | Color display of radon values ​​in green, yel...
2-5 business days
269,00 € incl tax
- 8 %

Geigercounter RADEX RD1706

The RD1706 dual-sensor Radiation Detector is a handy and very fast device for measuring gamma, beta and X-rays. In addition, it offers the search for the rad...
Immediately available!
% 339,00 € incl tax 369,00 € incl tax
- 21 %

Geigercounter / Radiation Dedection Radex RD1008

RADEX RD1008 Geiger counter / radiation meter for beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. Acoustic warning tone, incl. Dosimeter function - beta and gamma radiation...
Immediately available!
% 549,00 € incl tax 699,00 € incl tax

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