Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Long-term ECG monitor ER1 incl. data evaluation via AI algorithm

Long-Term ECG Monitor ER1 - ECG Monitor/Recorder / Analysis Technology with Artificial Intelligence

The ER1 ECG monitor from Viatom provides medically accurate ECG data for up to 24 hours. The easy to attach sensor is extremely comfortable to use. The included PC software generates a comprehensive report (PDF) from this data. This report is generated on the basis of an AI algorithm. For this purpose, a free account must first be set up via the PC software, which transfers the data in the upload for the analysis (Data-hosting will happen in US on AWS). The algorithm then has over 300,000 ECG data recordings + 50 million precisely marked data fragments available for detailed and accurate evaluation. Thus, intelligent diagnosis of 16 categories and more than 104 types of abnormal ECG events can be automatically detected!

Productlink: https://www.trendmedic.de/en/viatom-wellue-ecg-monitor-er1

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