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Viatom was founded in 2013 with the gene of research and innovation. There are focused to develop innovative medical product in home care and mobile health field. At present Viatom products are serving customers from 40+ countries, among them U.S, Japan and Europe

Viatom Technology


SpO2 Finger "Ring"-Sensor for model Viatom Checkme O2
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Viatom Technology

Viatom HeartMate EKG Monitor

handheld 1-channel ECG monitor + pulse measuring device for wireless measurement of irregular heartbeat, ventricular extrasystoles (VES), atrial fibrillation...
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Viatom Technology

Viatom Checkme™ Lite ECG-Monitor/Recorder

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-fre...
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