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Drug screening can be used for:

- Traffic monitoring
- Occupational health and safety inspections / examinations
- The Methadonsubsitution ,drug counseling
- Border control / customs ,in correctional
- Missing anamnesischen information in emergency medicine
- Doping control in Power and Professional Sports

The rapid tests differ in the nature of the sample ,ie. if the test is carried out on the basis of human saliva or urine. Drug testing products for professional use only !

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Saliva Direct Cup - drug screening saliva test

Simple screening of 6 types of drugs with a saliva test ( THC - COC - MET - AMP - K2 / Spice - Alcohol ) , 3 pcs .
Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
39,00 € incl tax 49,90 € incl tax
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